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Temporary fences are also known as construction fences, portable fences or security fences. We have a selection of colours, finishes and panel sizes available for you to choose from. Learn more about our products here.
Galvanized steel refers to regular steel sheets that have been coated with protective zinc to prevent corrosion and rusting. Non-galvanized steel will rust when exposed to moisture. Eventually rust will corrode the steel to the point of failure. That’s exactly why our fence panels have been galvanized!
Both methods of galvanization have their advantages. Hot dipped galvanized steel typically has a longer service life than electro galvanized steel and the coating can be thicker. Electro galvanized steel has a clean bright finish and is a more cost-effective solution. We offer both options to our valued customers.
We are happy to provide our customers with same day delivery in selection locations depending on availability. Please contact us to find out if you qualify for same day delivery!
Absolutely! Lennex is happy to offer on-site full installation services of temporary fence rentals if required. Our employees are committed to providing you with timely and professional installation.
Yes! Lennex offers portable toilets with hand sanitizers available in every unit. We also offer same day and 24/7 emergency service.
Yes! In addition to temporary fence rentals, we have an inventory of stock available for purchase. Please contact us to learn more.
We service the majority of Southern Ontario and Montreal, Québec. Please call our office at (416) 939-3122 to get a quote for your location. We also provide shipping within Canada and the United States.
Yes they are approved by every municipality. Lennex offers a wide variety of fences that can accommodate every single construction site.
Lennex offers same day services in cases of emergencies and next business day services for any other type of delivery. Weekend deliveries are also available for events.
We can custom make any type of temporary fence to accommodate our customers.
There is no minimum order.
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